Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ghetto Fabulous!!

Hello all! I've decided to write to update everyone on my glass beadmaking class that I have been taking. Last week was our first class and man was it hard!! It didn't help that I moved the day before and my tendonitis was flaring up! My teacher said I did pretty well for my first try. I like to call my beads ghetto fabulous. I will attach a picture below. I have not filed the bead release out of the center yet but will do so tonight in studio.
Ahh there they are in all their glory! I won't critique them as I'll be too hard on myself as always. I did have my studio before class last night and was able to make a nicely shaped bead. In class last night, we learned how to make a triangle bead, a Little Mermaid bead, and bicone bead, etc. I felt like last night was much more successful! I enjoyed making the Little Mermaid bead as it took me 30 minutes to create until my gas tank died! I'll post more pictures of my beads from last nights class as soon as they are annealed. I'm thinking I'll bring my camera tonight to photograph our studio and maybe a picture of me in action!
On another note, I spent Saturday evening and night creating some fun necklaces. They will be on display at my next jewelry party. It will either be the jewelry party at Fonville Morissey or the jewelry party at my Mom's house. If you decide you would want one of the necklaces I've designed here, just shoot me a quick email for the price (loribeth79@gmail.com). The necklaces still need clasps on them as well!
Rhodonite and smokey quartz- the beautiful color of these beads did not show up on my camera. They are gorgeous!
Handmade Green girl studio "Fly" pendant with Rhodonite beads and handmade Thai barrel spacer beads. The back of the pendant says "Fly"
Handmade Green Girl Studio "Knowledge" pendant with Tourmaline chips, apatite chips, and handmade Thai barrel spacers. The back of the pendant says "Knowledge".
Thai Hill Tribe handmade flower pendant with iolite and amethyst beads and sterling silver spacers.
Banded agate with black agate chips and sterling silver spacers.
Murano glass beads with blue sunstone, lapis and sterling silver spacers. The Murano glass and blue sunstone both have a shimmer to them that did not show up on the picture! Beautiful!

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