Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's for the kids

Hello everyone!

I've finished my Chair-ity project for the Wayne County Arts Council. On February 5th, the Arts Council will be auctioning off all the painted chairs and will be raising money for arts programs for the kids. I spent countless hours perfecting my chair. I first took the adirondack chair and filled in the screw holes with wood filler. After that dried, I sanded down the entire chair so it would be nice and smooth. I applied a thick coat of primer and let that dry. Then I researched waves and thought about how I was going to lay it out on my chair. Then I painted the wave and it ended up being a lot bigger than I had wanted! Woops! haha. It was a happy accident though. Then I decided to bring the wave into the arms of the chair so if you are looking at it, it'd almost be like you were looking at a flat canvas instead of a chair. Then I painted the arms of the chair and the back of the chair. Last I painted the sand which I ended up changing several times because I didn't feel like it looked like sand. I finally got it the way I liked it! So my last step was to glue on the seashells John and I found on the beaches of the Outer Banks this summer. I sprayed several coats of acrylic clear coat on the chair to seal it.
Today John and I loaded up his Jeep with the chair and my mixed emotions for letting go of a project I probably spent at least 40 hours on over the course of the last few months. It was hard for me to give the chair up but knowing that it was for a good cause made me happy! I'm really proud of my work and am now thinking about picking up painting and adding paintings to my business!
I'm attaching several pictures of the chair to share with everyone. Hope you enjoy!


deannagraves said...

WOW! That is amazing and beautiful! You might also want to take up painting! xoxox

Kristen Byrum said...

Looks great! You did a great job! I agree with Deanna-you need to take up painting more!

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much for doing the chair, it is AMAZING and is going to be a huge hit at the auction. I was very serious when I said that you should consider adding painted furniture to Lenzen Originals!!