Monday, September 7, 2009

Chair-ity Project

I've been working on the Chair-ity project that I am doing for the Goldsboro Arts Council. They will auction off the handpainted chairs by local artists and raise money for kids projects at the arts council. I'm excited to of been asked to be a part of this. I am taking pictures of my progress of what my chair is going to look like.

I took the basic unstained adirondack chair and I sanded it down really good.

Next I took some wood filler and filled in all those places where there are screw holes.

Then I took the chair outside to my small patio and primed it two different times so that I can put acrylic paint on the chair.

Today I will sand the chair one final time so it will be ready for the acrylic paint. I am going to paint an Outer Banks ocean scene on the chair and glue shells I picked up from OBX on the bottom where I will paint the sand. Hopefully it will turn out as I want it too because I haven't painted in a while. I will continue to take pictures of my progress!

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