Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Copper Etching and Doming Galore!

I am so excited to tell everyone about a new technique that I learned this past weekend. I took a class at Panopolie in Raleigh called the "Metalsmither's Delight Bracelet" designed and taught by Melissa. We learned how to etch pictures on copper and/or brass, make a border, and use etching solution. We also learned how to texturize fine silver disks and "dome" them with doming tools. We made two copper etched pieces, 2 domed disks, and connectors, and a clasp to make up our bracelet. The bracelet turned out fabulous! I attached two pictures of the bracelet I made to this post! I'll be making my own original bracelets and pendants this weekend that will be for sale to my customers very soon. I will update my website as I make the pieces!


Rebecca said...

love it! would you consider doing some out of reclaimed metals?

Lori Lenzen said...

It would depend what the reclaimed metals are. The etching solution I have works on base metals like copper and brass. I do not have the bandwith to etch on sterling silver yet as the etching product is very toxic. Let me know what you are wanting and I'll let you know what I can do!!